Freaky Silver Eye

June 30, 2022

Long time no talk! No more faux optimism, I will now be publicly unhinged. I'm not doing so well! The good: I have a summer job in social services and I like it
quite a bit. I'm making money so I can afford rent when I go back to school I GUESS. I've been reading a ton. The bad: my life is in shambles, I think I have
several serious problems that I will not elaborate on. Anyways... I'm finally learning to drive! And in the meantime I am recently withdrawing from my life in a
self-important pity fuelled hibernation. All in all, 6/10, could be worse. Maybe I'll make a secret section for true diary entries here. And, as I'm just now
remembering, I did go on a 5 day trip to Montreal with friends which was actually very nice (unfounded self pity, I told you!). Photos since the last entry to follow.
- Amiya